I have published on Arab and Muslim mental health, and guidance on offering culturally sensitive mental healthcare / therapy to Arab and Muslim populations, including refugee people. I have also published on culturally appropriate and faith sensitive trauma-informed grief therapies (including integrating faith-informed approaches with EMDR) for refugee, Middle Eastern and North African, and Muslim communities affected by bereavement, collective trauma and loss.

I have written on liberation practices and the ways in which Palestinian communities non-violently resist Israeli state/settler violence in an anti-colonial struggle.

My doctoral research looked at the impact of politically engineered structural violence, economic oppression, and Israeli military occupation and blockade on Palestinians’ mental health, adopting a human rights informed approach; coping with ongoing collective trauma and loss; and an evaluation of an economic empowerment programme in occupied Gaza Strip, Palestine, which I have since published. I was awarded the British Psychological Society Community Psychology Section Doctoral Research Prize for my research.

My approach is social justice informed, culturally sensitive, and non-pathologising, incorporating an intersectional, contextualised, and politicised understanding of distress and wellbeing.

My current research interests focus on decoloniality, community organisation, and liberation practices in the context of state violence, oppression, racism, and settler colonialism. My other research interests focus on community psychology, and culturally appropriate and faith-informed therapeutic approaches.


Book chapters

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Journal publications

  • El Guenuni, A., Chellat, R., Canton, B., El Guenuni, F., & Hammad, J. (2022). A Coproduced Traumatic Bereavement Therapeutic Group for Moroccan Adolescents Affected by the Grenfell Tower Fire. Journal of Muslim Mental Health 16(2): 1. DOI:
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Book reviews

  • Hammad, J. (2014). Book review of mental health worldwide: Culture, globalization and development. International Journal of Migration, Health and Social Care, 10(4), 245–246.

Other contributions

  • Hammad, J. (2018). Coping with war and social unrest in the Middle East. In L. Lambert & N. Pasha-Zaidi (Eds.) Introduction to psychology: A textbook for the Middle East (and beyond). Cambridge Scholars Publishing.