“Before therapy I was experiencing anxiety, flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, disturbed sleep and other physical symptoms of PTSD. I saw Jeyda for a total of 13 weeks and I feel such a huge difference after my sessions. I feel like things are much more quiet in my head… My overall wellbeing has improved hugely; the difference really is life changing. I feel my relationship with my mother and my marriage overall has improved… I feel I can be more present with the people I love and I feel more safe. …Working with Jeyda has been absolutely fantastic and I have recommended her to many people I know personally. …Overall, Jeyda is really kind, holding and offers fantastic reflections and feedback throughout sessions. I am so grateful for my experience!” (Javayria, received EMDR)

“… I tried various types of therapy until someone recommended Jeyda to me. I did 18 sessions of EMDR therapy with Jeyda. I found her to be of high emotional intelligence, someone who “got it” immediately and very compassionate. I particularly liked the fact that she was sensitive to my religious beliefs and practices. My faith helped complement the therapy very well. I was surprised by how effective EMDR with Jeyda was. I didn’t just heal from my issues but I got insight into why I was being triggered. It has now been two months since I did that therapy and although my mother is the same, I have not been triggered by her once. As a result my relationship with her is how I always dreamed of it to be. … She is one of the best therapists that I have had.” (Abdullah, received EMDR)

“I saw Jeyda for low self-esteem, social anxiety and childhood trauma. Following our sessions, I feel very positive, I have a feeling of normality in my mind; I am no longer overthinking and I’m able to get on with things that I previously struggled with or avoided. I experienced a 95% improvement with my social anxiety; I don’t feel anxious in social situations anymore. I’m better able to tolerate my parents and don’t feel resentment towards them anymore, my tendency to people please has reduced and I have better boundaries.” (Safiya, received EMDR)

“After many years of living with my past trauma, fears, feeling guilty and blaming myself, through our therapy I’m so pleased that I finally realised that none of them was relevant. My beliefs about myself have improved; I don’t feel scared or blame myself anymore…many thanks with all my heart” (Hawa, received EMDR)

“The therapy has helped me feel better. My brain feels clearer now; I can concentrate again and return to my studies. I don’t feel bothered by the past anymore; my nightmares and flashbacks have stopped. I feel happy again” (Lydia, received NET)

“I had a space to come and heal. She guided me through the whole process in a gentle and skillful way. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.” (Michael, received psychotherapy & EMDR)

“Helped me to open up and express my feelings; very polite, supportive and excellent listener. Thank you Jeyda.”  (Leena, received grief counselling)

“I felt like we were on a journey and you were by my side each step of the way; it felt manageable … I feel normal again. I’ve become a whole person” (Roshan, received NET)